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How Epic Xbox Gaming Sessions Gave Life to Beanbag

March 1, 2014
by David Goodale

Beanbag was borne out of a need to play video games all day long. Even if epic all-day-long leg cramping xbox sessions are not quite an awe inspiring point of noble beginnings, it was still the inception of quite a cool project.

I had wanted a giant sized beanbag chair. I wanted it to be three things:

i)   Very big so I was comfortable in it.

ii)   High quality leather, so that it didn't look like cheap furniture.

iii)   Black. Just because my entire gaming setup was black at the time.

Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding a chair. By hard, I mean impossible. There were not any retail stores in my area that sold anything like adult sized beanbag chairs. In my search online I found some beanbags, but they were mostly children's chairs. I found one or two potential solutions at the time, but they didn't ship to Canada. Also, they were exorbitantly expensive.

The Launch of The Website

After much emailing and searching, I connected with an artisan living and working in Brazil that made high end leather goods. I ordered a beanbag chair, waited patiently (not really), and when it finally arrived I filled it and set it up the same day.

As soon as I sat in it I knew I was onto something. It was incredibly comfortable, but more importantly, had a "cool" factor. There was nobody else with a product like this that I could find anywhere, especially considering the stitching detail and quality of leather.

Working as an e-commerce consultant in the payments business I was coaching clients all the time about the effectiveness of niche marketing on the internet. I realized that I had to follow my own advice and ordered 25 chairs for my first batch of inventory. I rolled up my sleeves, built the website, and the rest is history.

A little too much history as it turns out. I say that because when the website first went live in June 2003 it was decent looking at the time. It then went 11 years without a redesign overhaul! What a mistake! (Payments and clients at Merchant keep me hopping busy.)

Although it had been in the back of my mind for a long while, around Christmas of 2013 I realized it was about time (more like 8 years overdue) for a much needed website overhaul. The chairs really are beautiful, and the old website did not at all reflect the craftmanship or caring that goes into the making of each one. If you are interested in seeing the old version of the website you can sneak a using the wayback machine . (Don't laugh - when this website was first built and launched dial up was still the predominant method of connecting to the internet!)

So it's today on Saturday, March 1, 2014 that I manage to finally finish up the overhaul and re-launch the website. The chairs are the same as always, constructed by hand and a good amount of care.

To the hundreds of customers (and many of them repeat customers) over the past 11 years I would like to thank you with all my heart for your business. Looking forward, I'd also like to offer a pre-emptive and optimistic thank you to all of our future customers that we hope will enjoy our beanbag chairs for years to come!

David Goodale
March 1, 2014
(905) 901-2254

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