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80 Nelson Street
Oakville, Ontario
L6L 3H8

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Company Information

Beanbag is a Canadian company located in Oakville, Ontario that has been in business for over 10 years. The products listed on this website are created by leather Artisans who live and work in Brazil.

Company History

Bean Bag Chairs Canada went into operation during July 2003. Beanbag is operated by David Goodale, an e-commerce development specialist, who works to bring unique, hand crafted products of an unmatched quality to consumers via the internet.

David puts consumers in touch with talented artisans who create products of tremendous beauty and workmanship. The artisans that create these products most often do not have the resources or ability to offer these items for sale to North American consumers.

David's inspiration for opening Beanbag came after he found himself unable to obtain a high quality leather beanbag chair at any stores in his local area. During the course of his search, David quickly found his choices limited to low quality vinyl beanbag chairs, almost all of which were made for children. Starting from local stores, he expanded his search, but was still unable to find an authentic leather beanbag chair of the quality he was looking for. From there the search was moved to the internet.

While there were some more options online at that time, David was still unable to find a product of the highest quality leather, nor was he able to find a large enough chair. The goal was to find a chair that was made for adults, unmatched in terms of both workmanship and materials. So it was at that point that David began researching leather Artisans. After establishing contact with a very talented leather Artisan in Brazil, Beanbag was launched shortly thereafter.

Over 10 Years in Business

Over 10 years later, Beanbag is proud to continue providing the largest and most luxurious leather beanbag chairs available for adults. Each chair is a beautiful, Artisan crafted work of art that can not be found anywhere else. The chairs are not available for sale in stores. The leather and stitching is of the highest quality, and can not be compared to that of any mass produced item. The family that creates these chairs have worked with leather all of their lives, passing their craft down through the generations.

Beanbag is the proud distributor of these chairs within North America. As a customer service oriented company we welcome any questions or comments that you may have.

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