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John Scott in Oakville, Ontario
March 18, 2014

Hello Jennifer,

Sorry for the late response to this initial email! All is well and have been traveling a lot. So, the bean bag chairs are an enormous hit with the grandchildren!!!

I also enjoy them! The quality is second to none. I hope they are flying off the shelves! If you would ever need any type of reference for your bean bag chairs do not hesitate to ask!

All the Best

John Scott

Juliana Jordan, Ontario
December 3, 2013

I ordered two dark brown bean bag chairs and have to say I am completely thrilled with my purchase. At first there was a slight glitch with the ordering, but surprisingly, Jennifer at Bean Bag Chairs contacted me both by phone and by email until the order was complete, right up to delivery. I was concerned that perhaps the chairs would look "patchy" since there are multiple pieces of leather sewn together and may be different tones to the leather itself. I was also concerned that the two chairs themselves may not exactly match each other, but my concerns were unwarranted. The chairs look absolutely great, the leather tone was even and they matched perfectly. A great purchase.

Irene Docherty, NZ
January 21, 2009

Hello David

Just wanted to let you know how much we love the bean bag, we have had to move furniture around a bit as it is sooo large, but it is by far the most popular seat in the lounge! It has been suggested that a little pouch be added for the remote controls :)

We apreciate all the great work that has been done in the sewing detail, and the leather is so lovely and soft.

Kind regards, Irene Docherty
(from New Zealand)

Carla S. in Montgomery, Alabama
August 20, 2008

I received the leather beanbag today, and it looks fantastic! I appreciated your taking the time to call me after my order was placed, you were very courteous and thorough in explaining the filling and other general information about the chair. It makes a difference to a customer when you invest that extra effort, and you provide a quality product for a great price. I wanted to let you know I appreciated everything.

Liesl Wilson in Victoria, Australia
April 5, 2008

We received the bean bag a couple of weeks ago. It is absolutely fabulous. The quality of the stitching is great. Other bean bags we have looked at have very flimsy stitching that just does not last. This looks like it will stand up to the pressure of the four children I have that fight over it.

Many thanks

Liesl Wilson

Lisa K. in Richmond Hill, Ontario
January 14, 2008

Hello David, I love the bean bag chairs!! Just filled them up and the family is fighting over who is going to sit in them. Very comfortable and great quality. I have been looking for a high end BBC for a while and have only found over priced, tacky vinyl ones. Im thrilled that I found your website. I would highly recommend these chairs!

Rahul Arora
March 20, 2005

I had wanted to get a large bean bag chair for quite a long time, but was unable to find one that I was happy with. All I could find in stores were small vinyl chairs for kids. The chair is HUGE, and the quality of the stitching and leather is amazing. At over 6 feet tall I am totally comfortable in my chair. This is a high end product that I am happy to recommend.

Esther O'Toole, Missisauga
December 7th 2006

David the chair was everything you promised. I chose to fill the chair myself and had a lot of fun filling it up. Now it is now the only chair I sit on. Beautiful leather and excellent quality. I would highly recommend this product.

Elizabeth - Rhode Island, U.S.A
February 12, 2007

Thank you for your fantastic customer service!! The chairs are now filled and look amazing! Your quality is wonderful and the chairs look even better than they do on the website!! I will definitely spread the word!

Melissa, Dundas Ontario
November 12, 2004

These are incredibly comfortable chairs. I know a quality leather product when I see one, and the leather used in these chairs is top grade. I'd order another one without a moments hesitation if I didn't already have two of them! Thanks David for your wonderful service!

Pamela D. Queensland, Australia
September 1, 2006

The bean bag arrived so quickly. I?ve just filled it and it feels wonderful. It?s a gift for my husband for father?s day, I?m sure he?ll love it. Thanks for such wonderful service.

Edward Ogurchak
November 14, 2005

I feel blessed to have found your web site. Ordering was as easy as 1 2 3. And my's a Divine creation!

Thank you, so very much, David.


Andrew Priestly
August 3, 2003

During a recent trip to Europe I saw a large leather bean bag chair, that I wanted to bring back with me to Canada.

Unfortunately at the time I was unable to bring the chair back, so upon my return I searched my local stores for a comparable chair. When I was unable to find one I decided to try looking online.

When I found I was surprised at how well presented the chairs were on the website. I ordered my chair shortly after, and hoped that it was going to be as good as it was described on the website. When it got here I was extremely pleased with the quality. The leather is extremely soft, and you can tell from the quality of the stitching and workmanship that it is hand made. It is the most comfortable chair I own.

Vicki L. in Vacaville, California
July 17, 2007

Just wanted to write and let you know that all the beans arrived yesterday, and when my daughter and boyfriend came by (it's his birthday chair) money couldn't buy the pleasure that I got when he first got the "flat" bean bag, (his face lit up, just holding that beautiful leather) then he, my daughter and I filled it up. Of course during filling, he had to sit in it and get it "just right". The supply that was sent is perfect.

I have never seen a person have so much fun with a chair; wriggling around; he reminded me of a puppy!! Thank you so much for supplying such a wonderful product, and the reassurance that I have had doing business with a person who is honest and does beautiful, quality work. I have to get this one paid off, and then believe me, I will have another order for you on its way! You're already in my address book, so rest assured another order will be coming!

Albert Charles
February 2, 2004

The second I opened the box I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. The chair is huge and comfortable. I'm going to order another one as a gift come Christmas time. Fully recommended.

Jonathan E. in Australia
August 1, 2006

I would like to say that your web site is true to its word, they are the most fabulous chairs to sit in and yes they have become a favourite.

Debbie M.
April 9, 2007

Hello, Received my bean bags and they are fantastic, so much better than I thought they would be. Your service and support was excellent.

Thanks so much
Debbie M.

Jean-Paul Sparrock in London, England
September 18, 2007

Hello, I received my 4 black Bean Bag Chairs last week and filled them yesterday. They are worth every cent. You have a great product.

I will be looking to buy some more chairs in the near future.

J.P Sparrock

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