Filling and Shipping

You can choose to purchase your chair with or without the filling included. Most customers prefer to have their chair shipped empty so they can choose their own filling material and save on shipping costs.

Empty chairs qualify for free shipping. Filled chairs are very light, but because of the large size of a filled chair it causes the dimensional weight to be significant. Even though it weighs less than 15 pounds couriers charge significant fees to carry an item so large, which is why the cost of shipping a filled chair can be expensive.

Will you ship the filling to me?

If you are located in the USA we can ship the filling to you for a fee of $115. If you are located in Canada you can contact us to get a shipping quote to your location. If you are located outside of North America it is almost certainly a better idea to get the filling locally. It's easy to get and will save you a ton of money on international shipping costs.

Regardless of where you are located, the vast majority of people choose to get filling locally because the filling material is extremely affordable, but it's expensive to ship.

Having extra chair filling left over is important

Our beanbag chairs are a very high end leather chair, meant to far, far outlast the lifetime of the filling used inside it. The filling in a beanbag chair is made of chipped styrofoam and will eventually become compressed over time. This does not happen quickly, but happens after about a year of heavy use. Most people will like to top their chair off once per year to keep it feeling just like new. That is why even if we ship a perfectly filled chair, it's important to know where you can get extra filling in your local area. These are not disposable vinyl children's beanbag chairs that you should throw away after a few months of use. With a tiny bit of effort once per year you can keep your beanbag chair in brand new condition for many years to come.

Where can I find filling?

If you choose to get your chair filling locally it is usually very affordable and easy to get. The easiest place to find filling for most people in an urban area is their local WalMart store. WalMart sells children's beanbag chairs in some of their stores. The stores that sell the children's beanbags carry the filling for the chairs. It takes 4 bags of the WalMart beanbag filling to fill one of our chairs. It will cost about $75 to fill the chair this way.

Stepping away from a large retailer, it can also be found at companies that manufacture styrofoam products, in addition to craft stores, fabric stores, etc. If you go this route you can likely acquire enough to fill an entire chair for $25 to $30.

What type of filling should I use?

Choosing your filling material is an important part of customizing the feel of your chair. There is a large zipper on the bottom of the chair that will allow you to fill it to your exact specification. Most of our customers use a type of chipped styrofoam bead, called "reground polystyrene" or "virgin bead polystyrene" to fill their chair. This is just a fancy technical term to describe little chips of styrofoam like packing peanuts. The difference between reground and virgin bead is that virgin bead are perfectly round little pellets, and regrind is randomly sized little chips. Virgin bead allows you to move around in the chair more easily. Regrind allows you to pound out a shape and have the chair hold the shape better. Both are comfortable and will make a fine filling.

Other customers may choose to fill their chairs with foam from pillows (to give it a very soft 'sink in' feeling). Some get creative and use a number of unique materials. Filling the chair yourself gives you the most flexibility to get just the feel you want from your chair.

How much do I need?

It takes approximately 15 cubic feet or 400 cubic liters of filling to fill each chair.